K.P. Harrington

Kevin Harrington is the son of Irish immigrants and was raised in Malverne, New York. Kevin learned early in life that his Irish culture and alcohol are tightly intertwined,  and he started drinking when he was thirteen. He is now a recovering alcoholic who has been sober since 1994. He attended Binghamton University, where he played college basketball and earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics. He’s had a successful career as a foreign currency exchange
broker on Wall Street since 1985, and he is also a 9/11 survivor.

Kevin’s memoir, A Fish in Water: The Life of an Irish Alcoholic details his personal history growing up in a close-knit community surrounded by underage drinking. This honest, unflinching, and humorous account of alcoholism and recovery tells Kevin’s poignant, true story in an approachable and unforgettable way.

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