A Fish In Water: An Irishman’s Journey to Sobriety


  • Publisher Kevin Harrington
  • Publish Date 2023
  • ISBN 978-1-11112345-11-4

A son of Irish immigrants and raised near New York City, Kevin Harrington is a goal-driven young man who is proud of his heritage and anxious to prove himself on the basketball court, at school, and eventually as a broker on Wall Street. He has the skill and the drive to take him anywhere he wants to go, but he also has one major problem—Keven is an alcoholic who has been drinking heavily since the age of thirteen.

Kevin learns early in life that his Irish culture and alcohol are tightly intertwined. His family gatherings always include plenty of alcohol, and his social life is no different. Drinking as much and as often as he can is a primary goal in Kevin’s daily life, and he loves it, quite frankly—until the urge for more pushes him to a precipice that he doesn’t know how to escape, and everything he’s earned in life threatens to crumble to pieces.

This honest, unflinching, and humorous account of alcoholism and recovery tells one man’s poignant, true story in an unforgettable way.


Hardcopy, Softcopy, EPUB

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